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Building Digital Companies: Banks, Microfinance, Service Companies (e-Com, Retail, e-Delivery)

IT Auditing

Goal: Identify bottlenecks and develop an effective IT-strategy; enhance Information System stability; optimize IT infrastructure and cost of service; increase IT infrastructure visibility and transparency.

IT Strategy design

Goal: create a documented blueprint for effective development of all the information system elements of a company; minimize financial exposure; Foresee and define future development stages of a company.

Selection of Information Systems

Goal: Select the best IT solution for specific business requirements.

Development of custom software

Goal: Non-standard and unique business process automation; integration between various IT systems; existing IS enhancement.

Business Application Integration

Goal: Ensure end-to-end business processes based on complete integration of your data streams and applications. Remove and limit any potential loss or risk due to internal and external changes and enhance responsiveness

Project Management Outsourcing

Goal: full control of all the company activity at various levels.

It is appropriate for the Companies & Organizations that have little to no experience with implementing large-scale projects can rely on our expertise to ensure a solid and efficient project management .

Knowledge Management Systems

Goal: Empower employees by providing easy and complete access to knowledge articles; enhance performance and create innovative opportunities for growth.

Business Process Reengineering and Organizational Change Management

Goal: Using forward-thinking approaches, the goal is to implement processes and company structure changes.

Change management will permit the organization to be prepared for the changes and will support the way to the desired goals.

IT Infrastructure and IT Operational Process Management

Work on IT Infrastructure

Goal: build integrated IT infrastructure.

IT Operational Process Management

Goal: Develop the necessary tools for efficient IT management, including but not limited to operational and service management. This will ensure the achievement of the main business goals

the team

Vitalie Tataru
Founder & Managing Partner

Experienced Senior Digital & Technology Officer, ex-Deputy CEO in Banking and Finance organizations.
Over 25 years of banking and technology experience, working in banks, consultancy, successful startups launched

Alexander Russu
Founder & Partner, Sales and Strategy

Previously Founder & CEO of Business Processes Outsourcing companies, operating for B2B customers worldwide
Over 15 years on worldwide market from US, Europe, Russia and Asia

Alexander Shulov
Founder & Partner, CEO AC Tech, Russia

Previously Chief Information Officer / in Banking and Finance organizations, in local Russian Market and worldwide
Over 15 years work with dozens of digital banking teams from Russia and Asian Pacific Region

Radu Spataru
CEO AC Tech, Moldova

Previously CIO, Project Manager and expert in Telecommunication/IT domains,
Over 24 Experience in Banking/Telecom, startups & greenfield as well as transformation projects

Valentin Samson
Head of Business Analysis Division

Previously Head of division and teams in Telecom and Banking domains
Over 24 years of experience, with successful project managed and launched

Andrey Yushin
Head of Project Management

20 years of experience in banking. He worked as part of Agile-teams for projects to build a digital bank. Previously he participated in IT projects in large banks of the Russian market as a project manager.


In a fast-changing world, the role of technology is very important one.
At AC Tech, we believe, technology is driven by people… motivated, energetic and talented people
Transformation is bridge to the new reality – getting better business value through power of digital technologies, driven by new leaders.

We deliver the new value of digital technology era  – in collaboration with our clients and partners
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27 November 2019

UAFIN.TECH 2019 is a platform where fintech companies, startups, SMEs, investors, leading international experts, bankers and top managers of the largest financial market companies will meet under one roof. We will discuss the development of digital banking, the digital transformation of payment services and the progress of cooperation between traditional players and the fintech market. UAFIN.TECH 2019 is not only a place for discussing trends, presenting top projects of Ukrainian and foreign startups, but also for productive networking with key players in the financial sector.